School, Again

School, Again

J Crew long sleeve shirt, $98
White cable knit sweater
Super skinny jeans, $80
Cuffed boots, $190
Fiona Paxton chain necklace, $350
Michael kors watch, $250
Bex Rox art deco jewelry, £240
Monica Vinader stud earrings, £135
LSA Flower Rectangular Vase

With Patience

With Patience by earlierthannever featuring plastic jewelry

So summer weather is taking its sweet old time getting here, and we’re all left layering our shorts over tights and cardigans over breezy dresses. I am getting more than a little anxious waiting to feel the sun on my shoulders. So far we’ve only had a handful of days where leaving the house without a jacket is comfortable, but they have been wonderful and they’ve kept me patiently and hopefully waiting for the days – but more anxiously the nights – that can be spent living out all kinds of summer fun in the hot hot sunshine with cold cold drinks and funny funny friends. Until then I’ll just get my internet self dressed in this shamelessly summer-loving outfit.

Babe alert

Can I just be completely obvious for a minute and say that Bruce Springsteen is by far the biggest, baddest babe alert there ever was?

My visit to Montreal a few weeks ago was full of cold, rainy days. It really took a toll on our moods and on our motivation to make the most of our time there. But right in the middle of the week, for one day only the sky opened up to reveal the beautiful sun and we had a wonderful day that was only slightly warmer than the rest, but much more cheerful. We started out with a tasty birthday breakfast at Bagel, Etc. and then walked around, stopping into stores and seeing the city in a different way. We came across an art installation of swing sets lining the street, each swing would sound a different note at the tempo you swung back and forth at. The three of us hopped on and I was elated. Those swings made the entire trip worth it and ultimately turned my mood around (until the last night, when I cried my heart out because the karaoke bar was closed). We spent the rest of the day with more shopping, caesars on a patio, and later some of the most delicious burgers we’d ever tasted at M BRGR. The effect the sun can have on people is really remarkable.




Hanging out at home, looking at all sorts of Etsy shops that are filled with pretty vintage clothes, shoes, and housewares. The vintage lotus bowls are especially tempting to me, I nearly bought a set of them at Winners last week. Highwaisted vintage Levis have been on my to-buy list for ages. And those library card drawers would make a cute little jewelry box. I can’t explain how badly I’d like to get to a thrift store right now! But because I have more than enough things kicking around my space, this compilation will have to satisfy the craving (if only for today).

1 – Cathode Blue   2,3,4 – am radio    5,6 – fine & dandy    7,8,9 – clever nettle    10 – comet salvage    12 – mammal & lamb vintage

Wild foxes

While I was over the moon to have spent today – by far the nicest day of the year to date – surrounded by members of the opposite sex (beers, burgers and frisbee included), I couldn’t be more excited for the upcoming exploits my lady friends and I are set to embark on this summer. My partner in unruly antics arrives to the island this Sunday and we will waste no time getting in the best of moods and running wild. Throw on some statement Ts, lock us in Ferris Bueller’s house and you’ve got the crazy cool Wildfox Summer 2011 lookbook, lots more photos to peruse on the Wildfox blog.

Orange You Obsessed?

Orange You Obsessed? by earlierthannever featuring a leather flap handbag

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I have an irrational hatred for orange. Especially on blondes, the color drives me crazy! It has always been by far my least favorite color to wear. Until this season. You would have to be blind not to realize that orange is everywhere. It came in with the incredibly strong resurgence of 70s inspired style, but aside from the typical brown-orange combo of that era (which I still have not warmed to), orange has also made itself known in combination with bright basics like kelly green, hot pink and aqua, as well as with neutrals like beige, gold and stark white. I am currently head-over-heels for the collections from Zara (which borrowed heavily from Prada Spring 2011) and Kate Spade that came out this spring. Whether it be pieces of clothing, accessories, or home decor, I seriously can’t get orange off my mind!


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